6 Grocery Shopping Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Diet


1. Always go with a list in hand. Making a shopping list helps in building the habit of planning your meals in advance. Having a list likewise minimizes picking unnecessary and unhealthy foods when at the grocery.

2. Avoid the crowd. Go shopping during off-peak hours so you can breeze through checkout counters instead of standing around waiting for your turn and getting tempted by all the goodies strategically displayed to make you shop for more.

3. Shop with a full stomach. There is nothing more tempting like a wide array of delicious foods when you are shopping hungry. If you want to avoid buying more foods that are not on your list, go when you are feeling full.

4. Spend more time on the whole foods aisle. Pick more fruits, vegetables, root crops, and whole grains and fewer processed foods.

5. Buy local. Shop for fresh produce and other food products at a farmer’s market near you. Find out what in-season fruits and vegetables you can get and incorporate in your weekly meal plans.

6. Get some healthy foods in bulk. Keep track of your weekly consumption and buy more of nutrient-rich food items that you love. You can get almonds and other foods that do not spoil easily and you can stash at home for weeks.