5 Documentary Films That Will Make You Rethink Your Diet

5 Documentary Films That Will Make You Rethink Your Diet

Food, Inc.

Watching documentary films is not just a form of entertainment. It can also be an informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring experience. Whether you are looking for ideas on eating healthier or exploring how to switch to a more plant-based diet, here are some of the best documentaries to watch that will make you rethink the way you eat.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Why watch it: This film explores the impact of animal agriculture in the environment. It takes a deeper look into how a meat-based diet is putting a lot of stress and burden on the environment. Cowspiracy will make you explore the idea of switching to a plant-based diet.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

Why watch it: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead follows the story of Australian Joe Cross. Overweight and dealing with a rare health condition, Cross took it upon himself to lose weight by subsisting on fruit and vegetable juices for two months. The film offers a glimpse into the dietary changes he made to improve his health.

Food, Inc. (2008)

Why watch it: Have you ever how the foods you eat are produced? In this documentary movie by filmmaker Robert Kenner, you get a glimpse of the stories behind global food production and how for food businesses profit trumps everything else.

Forks over Knives (2011)

Why watch it: Forks over Knives features researched-back data and information on the relationship of meat-centric diet to some health conditions like obesity. It makes a thought-provoking and convincing case for the health benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.

Vegucated (2011)

Why watch it: This entertaining documentary follows three meat-loving guys from New York decided to go vegan for a few weeks and explore its purported benefits. It follows their story as they discovered the more disturbing aspect of animal agriculture and how it changed the way they view meat consumption.